Cleveland Caves In on Social Justice

The Cleveland Indians announced that they would change their name in the coming years. The owner, Paul Dolan, gave a pathetic virtue signaling statement that comes very close to pre-world war II capitulation from academics. To read it makes one want to vomit. The Indians franchise has been a staple of Cleveland for over a hundred years. To anyone that is native to Cleveland, it makes one wonder where this city is headed.

Social Justice, critical race theory, equity, etc… is a blasphemous, culture damaging, evil ideology that corrodes society and undermines Christian virtue. Do not succumb to this drivel. Stand strong for the faith.

The Cleveland Indians franchise have damaged the organization and disgraced the good will it had with the city. The cowardly actions of ownership have turned their back on their fans and given in to cancel culture that will, if allowed, destroy everything that is good in America. Speaking from someone who has native american heritage, the Indians logo, mascot, and moniker has no insulting value. This is a miserable decision by elitist snobs in the organization that have no idea with fans think.

We think that fans should boycott this club and call for the disbandment, or move, of the Cleveland Indians organization. At one time, decades ago, Clevelanders fought for the Browns name and legacy. It is time to revive that temper. It is a shame that Cleveland will loose one of its greatest sports clubs.

Please write in and let us know how you feel on this subject and lets fight against cancel culture tyranny together, as proud Clevelanders! Godspeed. #savecleveland

Published by Samson

Concerned biblicist who challenges mainstream ideas and speaks truth to the powerful; consequences be damned! Many are tired of corrupt and manipulative leaders in politics, culture, and religion. This site serves as a platform for biblical truth, social responsibility, and good faith action.

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Caves In on Social Justice

  1. I’m not from Cleveland, but Maine. Nevertheless, I am no lover of Cancel Culture. In fact, I hate it. It’s the tip of an iceberg that’s robbed the Everyman of simple answers. It’s also the velvet glove on the iron fist being used to beat down any semblance of Virtue, Strength & Honour.

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