Pedophilia – coming to a society near you!

R-Rated Religion

For decades select Christian leaders, preachers, and clergy have been warning that this is coming, and here it is; unfortunately, no one was listening to them, and anyone who was quickly dismissed them as kooks or overzealous prudes.  But here it is. Take the time to play this video and listen to what this woman is talking about.

Did you expect this? Most of you would say no, but if you studied your Bible better you would not find this as such a shock. This is what happens to a culture that is given over to its own desires. This is what eventually happens to a society that places no judgments on sexual deviation and follows the Old Testament mantra that we read about in the book of judges: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Do not be shocked; this same thing happened to the Greeks, and…

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