Who Owns the Rainbow?

R-Rated Religion

Did you ever stop and notice what happened to the Christian view of the rainbow? When you walk down the street or ride in a car and see a sign or symbol with the rainbow insignia on it do you immediately think of – God or Gay? Most likely the latter. When did the universal symbol of the story of Noah and the flood get replaced with gay rights? How did this happen? Why did this happen? The answer is rather simplistic in the narrative but much more pernicious in its intent than you may realize. Evil always subverts religious apathy.

Throughout the last fifty years in America, the Christian community has been victim to one of the biggest screw-jobs know to cultural anthropology. This makes what happened to Bret Hart looks generous (we are well aware that only a small portion of you will understand that reference). Without much…

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Published by Samson

Concerned biblicist who challenges mainstream ideas and speaks truth to the powerful; consequences be damned! Many are tired of corrupt and manipulative leaders in politics, culture, and religion. This site serves as a platform for biblical truth, social responsibility, and good faith action.

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