Watch “I Became Transgender. Here’s Why I Regret It.” on YouTube

This is a very interesting video that not only you should watch but, we strongly urge you to share this with friends and family. The transgender (Gender Dysphoria – GD) situation is here, much to our dismay. Many of us could have never imagined that it would have become so ubiquitous so quickly, but it has. It would be a sin to disregard it and society needs God-fearing men to speak up, push back, and take a stand for biblical morality and the safe-guarding of our children. This sinful ideology is not being foisted upon our children to transition early with catastrophic and irreversible consequences. It is important for faith-based communities to lead this charge against the divine order of God’s creation (Genesis Genesis 1:27).

Published by Samson

Concerned biblicist who challenges mainstream ideas and speaks truth to the powerful; consequences be damned! Many are tired of corrupt and manipulative leaders in politics, culture, and religion. This site serves as a platform for biblical truth, social responsibility, and good faith action.

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