Watch “5-Part Series: Science and God” on YouTube

This is a terrific set of videos produced by PragerU. We strongly urge that you watch them with your children, share them with your friends, and encourage your local clergy to utilize them in Sunday school. These videos can be broken up into 5 parts and are simple enough that even the scientifically untrained mind can grasp its concepts. Evolution and natural selection have been imposed on us, and our children, for far too long with little, if no, push back from the believing community. Stephen Meyer is a gifted scientific philosopher who is at the forefront of intelligent design and has published extensively on this subject. These videos are well done, thoughtful, and have great apologetics for biblical men. We strenuously recommend that you meet with Church leadership and look for ways to introduce this material to your community. Remember: Do Not be Naive in What you Believe!

Published by Samson

Concerned biblicist who challenges mainstream ideas and speaks truth to the powerful; consequences be damned! Many are tired of corrupt and manipulative leaders in politics, culture, and religion. This site serves as a platform for biblical truth, social responsibility, and good faith action.

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