Psalm 1:1-6: An Exegesis

This is a great post for men’s Bible Study.

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The book of the Psalms is one of the most treasured books in all the canonized scriptures. It is used in many worship services in both Jewish synagogues and Christian churches across the globe. Islamic tradition recognizes the power of Psalms and references it in the Qu’ran: “We have written in the Psalms, after the Reminder, that the earth will be inherited by My righteous servants” (Q21:105). The influence of the Psalms has a long history in corporate and private worship over the centuries in all traditions of Judea-Christian faiths. “The psalms are directed at Yahweh as listener and are intended to express the full range of human emotion for various individual and group settings, such as praise, thanksgiving, petition, and lament.”[1] It is often considered the most powerful book of the Old Testament in terms of worship and adoration.

Psalms is a collection, or a collection of…

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