Sad – Funny…….. But True!

This is a hilarious back and forth between Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. It is rather humorous but the subject matter is very serious. What Steven Crowder showed was the sheer lunacy of the Academic left. The higher education system is lost and corrupt and Steven Crowder proved it. What they are talking about is masculinity and how the progressive left hates it. All things “male” or “manly” is now under attack and biblical men need to realize this and combat it at every corner. When this comes into your churches, you need to fight to keep it out. The hard truth is that obesity is a serious problem in America (and globally) and there is nothing good, attractive, or healthy about being overweight – it means your body is sick! Make no mistake about it, feminism is the enemy of the church, the biblical family, and a healthy society.

For more on our position of obesity and its theological significance:

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