Disney to Remove All Mentions of Traditional Gender Roles at Theme Parks


It is time for fathers and mothers to seriously reconsider supporting anything, and everything, Disney. Make no mistake, this is the shot across the bow for Disney Inc. They are coming for your children. The progressive left knows their woke idolatry (that is what it is) is not playing well with adults, especially parents. What is left is to skip the parents and go directly to the next generation: the kids. Soon we all are about to see unheard-of LGBTQIA storylines and narratives in every aspect of Disney movies, shows, programming, toys, etc… Your children will have no choice but to be inundated with woke propaganda such as gay rights, equity, inclusion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and much more. They are coming for your children! It is time for men to stand for truth and uphold biblical principles and values. We need strong biblical men who are not afraid to stand up to corporate tyranny and fight for our children. The war is here, it is real, and it is in your backyard!

Published by Samson

Concerned biblicist who challenges mainstream ideas and speaks truth to the powerful; consequences be damned! Many are tired of corrupt and manipulative leaders in politics, culture, and religion. This site serves as a platform for biblical truth, social responsibility, and good faith action.

2 thoughts on “Disney to Remove All Mentions of Traditional Gender Roles at Theme Parks

  1. The progressive left are progressing in the entirely the wrong direction, as usual. Why do some people instinctively feel that “progressive” is automatically a good thing..? As you demonstrate here, with the Disney story, quite clearly it isn’t. I just hope that Goofy doesn’t become a cross dresser…

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