Texas Fight Against Abortion!

Way to go Lubbock Texas! As usual, Texas is leading the way. Read the following article and pay attention to the battles in your community that are fighting for the rights of the unborn. This is an abomination in our communities and need to be fought against by all Christians. We have published an articleContinue reading “Texas Fight Against Abortion!”

In polygamy, should a man divorce his wives after becoming a Christian?

https://carm.org/about-marriage/polygamy-should-men-divorce-wives-after-becoming-christian/?inf_contact_key=be73303734dbb5a39622249ce8b58bbf4dfbc39d7283b2cb89d5189540b69330 This is a very interesting article that no one talks about. The theology is sound and the subject material is controversial. Take some time and read it and decide how it lands with your theological position on the matter. .

Postmodernism and the christian church — R-Rated Religion

Introduction Postmodernism has encroached into American society with a ferocity. Their insidious concepts of subjectable truth and institutional power corrupt the common good and further spread Marxist ideas of systemic corruption. This has seeped into American churches and distort the views of Christianity and theological doctrines. The postmodern claim that all institutions (including the church) […]Continue reading “Postmodernism and the christian church — R-Rated Religion”

Why the Church Should Reject Social Justice Theory. — R-Rated Religion

Originally posted on R-Rated Religion: Social justice, in the sense that it is being inculcated in our society today, does not mean what most Christians think it means. Social Justice does not mean equal justice under the law for all members of society, as it should, and as the Bible correctly advocates. The Social Justice… WhyContinue reading “Why the Church Should Reject Social Justice Theory. — R-Rated Religion”