New Year: 2022

“New Year’s Day. In the pre-Christian era it was celebrated with great solemnity both by the Jews, who reckoned the year from the Feast of the New Moon at the end of Sept., and in the pagan empire, Acc. to the Julian Calendar, the Roman year began on 1 Jan., and the day was markedContinue reading “New Year: 2022”

Wake up America, BLM is not what you think it is!

The Video is short but well worth the mic drop moment that Marcellus Wiley has concerning the NBA painting Black Lives Matter on courts in Orlando. Wake up Christendom, you are being duped. The BLM political agenda is not a viewpoint any biblical Christian should be supporting or endorsing. This is not the hill inContinue reading “Wake up America, BLM is not what you think it is!”

Should Women be allowed to Lead in the Church?

This is a very interesting documentary about women in leadership roles in the Church. It will undoubtedly upset a large majority of people who see this as a patriarchial misogynistic debate. This took place recently in the South Baptist Convention (SBC); America’s largest protestant denomination. It is a good documentary that showcases this controversy whichContinue reading “Should Women be allowed to Lead in the Church?”