Human Nature

What really is human nature and how does it pertain to the Christian walk in faith? The following article is a short introduction to spiritual formation and human nature. It is important to have a biblical perspective on these subjects because society and academia would have you believe that human nature is an entirely differentContinue reading “Human Nature”

Watch “Dinesh D’Souza: Racism Is Not The Cause Of Black Failure” on YouTube

Sin is sin, no matter what community you are a party to. This is a great video that tackles a very difficult subject. Share it with those you love, and discuss it in your churches. Truth is not partial to class, color, or creed.

New Year: 2022

“New Year’s Day. In the pre-Christian era it was celebrated with great solemnity both by the Jews, who reckoned the year from the Feast of the New Moon at the end of Sept., and in the pagan empire, Acc. to the Julian Calendar, the Roman year began on 1 Jan., and the day was markedContinue reading “New Year: 2022”