Human Nature

What really is human nature and how does it pertain to the Christian walk in faith? The following article is a short introduction to spiritual formation and human nature. It is important to have a biblical perspective on these subjects because society and academia would have you believe that human nature is an entirely differentContinue reading “Human Nature”

The Problem of Evil

The emotional problem of pain and suffering is a real aspect of human existence. Apologetic answers to the problem of evil in the world are not enough to assuage the concerns of people experiencing the disastrous side-effects of wickedness. It is necessary to view these issues through a pastoral lens when dealing with individuals strugglingContinue reading “The Problem of Evil”

Watch “Dinesh D’Souza: Racism Is Not The Cause Of Black Failure” on YouTube

Sin is sin, no matter what community you are a party to. This is a great video that tackles a very difficult subject. Share it with those you love, and discuss it in your churches. Truth is not partial to class, color, or creed.

A Brief Analysis of Saint Augustine Theodicy

Introduction The subject of theodicy is both troublesome and controversial to all philosophically minded people, whether they be of the Christian faith, agnostic, or atheist. This notion of where God’s justice and love abide in the midst of great evil and suffering has plagued the debates of great theologians and philosophers since the beginning ofContinue reading “A Brief Analysis of Saint Augustine Theodicy”