116 Most Profound Bible Verses about Money

If you ever want to be absolutely humbled, just do an in-depth study of Bible verses about money. What started off as a practical pursuit turned into something unexpectedly profound because it definitely highlighted some weak areas for me personally, as a Christian. And left me scratching my head, why isn’t the church teaching about […]

116 Most Profound Bible Verses about Money

Published by Happy Homekeepers

Christ-follower. Wife. Mom of 7. Bible Student. Faith & Frugal Living blogger.

2 thoughts on “116 Most Profound Bible Verses about Money

    1. Amen. It’s something we all need to heed. Like I said, I think greed has become the one acceptable sin in our churches today. Sure, we talk about modest dress but how many live a modest life, in a modest house, with a modest car? Thank you very much for reposting, I believe that scripture holds the key to everything we need to live a holy, content, sanctified life.

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